Surgical Services for Pets

Your pet’s upcoming surgery can feel like a nerve wracking time. Though you have no control over what happens during surgery, entrusting our team to perform your pet’s procedure means we’ll provide the best possible outcome for them. Additionally, closely following our pre- and post-surgery instructions means your pet will make a full recovery. 

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What types of surgeries do you perform?

Our veterinary team performs a range of surgical procedures that support your pet’s health. Our highly skilled veterinarians and technicians work together during each procedure to ensure your furry friend is closely monitored during their operation. This means that from the minute your pet arrives for their procedure until the moment we put them back in your care, we follow a series of protocols to ensure success. Some surgeries we perform include: 

  • Spaying 
  • Neutering 
  • Foreign object removal 
  • Soft tissue surgery 
  • Dental surgery 

Can my pet opt out of general anesthesia?

Depending on the type of surgery, as well as your pet’s pre-anesthesia testing results, we’ll determine if anesthesia is safe for your pet. We won’t administer the medication until we know how your pet’s body will respond to it. For example, our pre-anesthesia testing allows us to determine how well they’ll react to the medication. If we feel like your pet could have complications during surgery, we recommend postponing it until we feel confident that the procedure will be successful. Most major surgeries require anesthesia to keep your pet asleep and ensure they’re not feeling any pain during their surgery. If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming procedure, please contact us at 905-983-9010.

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