Weight Management for Pets

Weight management helps us determine if your pet is at a healthy weight and enables us to support them in reaching their goal. Since obesity is common in pets, it’s more difficult to determine when they’re overweight simply by looking at them. Our veterinary team will use metrics like breed, age and weight to determine the best weight management plan for their needs. 

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Can I try one of the diet plans on the market instead?

Weight management is tailored towards your pet’s specific needs versus generic diet plans. You are your pet’s greatest resource on their weight loss journey. Our weight management is guided by our medical expertise, with the goal of supporting your pet to lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle. Depending on your pet’s personalized plan, weight management could include: 

  • Behavioural modifications 
  • Daily caloric intake 
  • Exercises 
  • Healthy habits like limiting overfeeding 
  • Weight loss incentives like play 

What types of foods should my pet avoid for weight loss?

There are a range of food pet parents feed their furry friends that could be hindering their weight loss. Your pet’s diet can be the difference between developing a range of health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and arthritis. If you have questions about what you’re feeding them, feel free to contact us at 905-983-9010. Some foods to avoid include: 

  • Table scraps 
  • Dairy products, including cheese
  • Prepackaged dog treats 
  • Peanut butter 

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